Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh , I love you guys ♥

Bangun awal gila today , because daddy ask me to lepak at his office . Urgh , bosan boleh tak ? Pick Doddy up from school , and went to Jusco AU for lunch . OhMaiGod , Kenny Rogers is so damn good . HELL YEAAAAHHHH ! And we started to make stupid jokes , and gelak orang gila . Rindu gilaa gelak mcm tu . Unfortunately , kakak tak dpt ikot , kerja . Awhhh :( Orang kerja Kenny Rogers tu buat muka ketat je tgk ktorang . Biar lah , ktorang happy kot . Haish . haha .

And I had dinner with my family just now . We went to Cosy , mcm biasa lah Daddy . Macam dah takde tempat lain en ? Haaa tak pe , kenyang jugak :D Burrrp . I had a lot of fun today ,
Hari bonding with ze family ♥

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