Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shitty day

What a shitty day . Everyone emo hanjeng today . Whats with today ?
And I fucking hate my sister for keep amuk-ing around like a gorilla .
You make a mistake , so deal with it lah .
I am not your punching bag , remember that .
Imma emo girl today . HAHA
I duduk dalam bilik mummy, lock the door . and cry . haha
I cried because I'm angry . HEH

So , as usual , I decided to go ride my bicycle tadi petang . AND IT WAS AWESOME !
haha . My lil cousin teman me . I sweat like a pig , and I feel awesome :)
I don't know why . Heee . I kinda like cycling nowadays . Because I feel free when I ride my bicycle . My bicycle is not fixie , but who cares kan ? Still , cycling is off the hook ! haha

And I spend my night laughing my ass off watching How I Met Your Mother ! Barney Stinson is LEGEND-wait for it-DARY . LEGENDARY ! hahahaha . I &heart; you , Barney .

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