Wednesday, November 10, 2010

self description .

Intan . Soon-to-be eighteen . Masscomm student in UiTM Alor Gajah , Melaka . My boyfriends name is Muhammad Aidid Bin Mdnoor . Oh , i love him so much . HAHA . I talk a lot . I'm crazy . My mind is poluted . My imagination is off limits . I love The Strokes . I day dream a lot . I eat a lot too . I wanna be thin . I wish I had a body like Nicole Scherzinger . Aum ! I miss my school life . Why ? Because College life is way much harder than school . I also wish I can rap like Lil Wayne . HAHA . And oh , I like Kanye West too . He is fucking AWESOME ! Imma big fan of How I Met Your Mother . I wish people like Barney Stinson exist in my life . So I can be friend with him . Maybe I should stop crapping skarang . And oh , I crap a lot ! Don't litter . Okay , I gotta run . Buku sudah memanggil nama saya . Later , alligator !

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